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Lease active adult apartments during the holiday season in Pearland, TX

Move into an Active Adult Living Community Today!

As we move toward winter, many 55+ active adults are making the decision whether they want to sign the lease on their luxury apartment before or during the holiday season. At Larkspur at Shadow Creek, our residential community caters to “second chapter” adults who want to remain active and independent, and are looking for a little extra out of their 55+ community.

Here are five reasons why you should make your plans to move in before the holiday season arrives.

Moving Costs Increase During the Holidays

During the holiday season, demand for moving increases dramatically. Families try to move without disrupting their children’s education between semesters. Others use their holiday vacation time to move so they do not have to take off additional time for work. During the winter holidays, transportation and moving companies see an increase in demand. This leads to them charging more for their moving services.

Moving before rates skyrocket in the months during and after the holidays can save you money and get you settled into your new luxury apartment or private cottage in time to meet the holidays with peace of mind. Combined with Larkspur at Shadow Creek’s sterling maintenance-provided living and our active adult community, you can be stress-free for the holidays.

Additionally, Larkspur at Shadow Creek is offering free rent until January 2021 for new lessees. Signing a new lease not only gives you access to our 55+ community and all of its amenities, but you can enjoy all of the great benefits that our maintenance-provided community has to offer and not pay rent until the New Year.

Staying Ahead Of The Weather (and The Traffic)

One of the perils of moving during the holidays is the prospect of inclement weather. The weather in the winter becomes cold and can be unpredictable. Bad weather can cause delays and may even force reschedulings. Cancellations for flights reach their annual peak during the winter months. Delayed flights can lead to spending hours or days in airport terminals waiting for a flight to be rescheduled.

Additionally, traffic during the holidays may become extremely congested. During the holidays the interstates and freeways are often packed with cars and trucks making their way in and out of major cities, causing congestion and delays. Delays compound stress and can throw holiday plans into question if you are forced to reschedule your move.

Moving before the holiday rush hits and the bad weather rolls in will ensure that you arrive at your new apartment when you want, alleviating the risk of running into headaches and delays. Larkspur at Shadow Creek makes moving for our residents as easy as possible.

Downsize Your Home By Donating to Others

Most of the residents in Larkspur at Shadow Creek’s 55+ community are moving from large, multi-bedroom homes. These larger homes were a necessity when they were raising a family.

As they move into the empty nest stage of life, many residents find themselves with far more space than they require, and moving into one of our luxury apartments means downsizing from a three- or four-bedroom home into a one-bedroom apartment or a private cottage. This downsizing means making choices on what to do with a lot of excess furniture, clothing, appliances, and other household items that have accrued over the years – particularly holiday decor, which is often only accepted when it is seasonally appropriate.

In addition to giving some of it away to friends and family, residents can choose to donate their excess furniture and other goods to charitable organizations leading into the holiday season. Many charities are seeking donations to help poor and disadvantaged families during the holidays. Others accept donations year-round. Both can provide tax-deductible incentives for the value of the goods being donated.

In addition to being a great way to help you pare down your household in anticipation of your move, It also happens to be an extremely nice thing to do.

Avoid Compounding Stress from the Holidays by Moving In Today

Moving from one home to another is stressful. In fact, research has shown that moving is more stressful than divorce! Deciding on what to take, what to keep, packing things in boxes, ensuring that your belongings make it to your new luxury apartment in one piece, making travel plans, coordinating with moving companies, family, and your new residence, can all be a very stressful ordeal. Add into that the weather and traffic problems we discussed earlier, your holiday move can become very painful.

Additionally, the holidays are also one of the more stressful times in our lives. While we get to see our loved ones and friends, the pressure of gift buying, travel, cooking, wrapping presents, and attending family functions can add up.

You can avoid all of this potential overlapping stress by making your move now. Signing the lease on your new Larkspur at Shadow Creek residence will leave the holidays alone, allowing you to focus solely on your family and friends. Moving into your new apartment before the holidays even arrive, you can settle into your new home and make plans to visit your family without the stress of moving hanging over you.

Get the Freedom To Enjoy The Holidays in Your New 55+ Apartment

What is better than free? Larkspur at Shadow Creek currently offers free rent until January 2021 for new residents. Signing a lease on your new luxury apartment or private cottage in our active living community means you won’t have to pay rent until after the holidays.

Located just outside of Houston, you get all of the appeal of living downtown with the peace of mind of resort-style living. All of our amenities, from our deluxe spa to our magnificent fitness center and communal spaces, will give you the familiarity you desire and the lifestyle comfort that you require.

Living at Larkspur at Shadow Creek allows you to thrive! Our dedicated maintenance team does everything necessary to maintain your beautiful apartment or cottage. We spend our time on ladders, so you can spend your time relaxing in the pool or joining a social club for games on one of the sport courts. Between our resort-style amenities and our concierge service, you can truly live your best life.

At Larkspur at Shadow Creek, we give our residents the freedom to spend their time doing what they love most. Whether that is planting flowers in the community garden or joining other active life residents for a drink during our weekly happy hour, Larkspur at Shadow Creek takes care of the day-to-day so you can participate in what really matters to you.

Take a tour and sign a lease on a luxury apartment today.

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