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Benefits to Having Your Pet in Assisted Living

If you’re a pet lover, you already know that they’re beneficial to your well-being. We bond with these loving little creatures, and gain loyal companions who comfort us and make us smile, even on bad days. Did you know that pets are beneficial to your health? That’s one reason senior living apartments, including assisted living facilities, are beginning to embrace the idea of allowing pets. What are the benefits for seniors? Read on to learn more.

  • Pets help ease the transition to retirement living. Many seniors feel anxious about moving into a new community. They may fear they’ll lose some independence or feel uncomfortable in a new environment. Having a pet can ease that anxiety and provide a constant even when things are changing.
  • Caring for a pet gives structure to your day. Routines help give people a sense of purpose and are good for mental health. Retirement living is often lacking in structure, but having a pet that needs care can help remedy that.
  • Pets can help ward off depression. After a move, it’s normal to feel lonely until you get adjusted. For many seniors, the transition to a senior living community occurs after the loss of a partner, and this can be overwhelming. Pets provide companionship and familiarity, making it easier to keep from sliding into depression.
  • Dogs can help you stay active. Because dogs need to be walked several times a day, they keep their owners moving. Seniors benefit greatly from regular exercise, as it helps them maintain their weight and keep their bodies agile. When you have to take the dog out, you’ll get daily fresh air and exercise.
  • Having a pet lowers your risk of heart disease. Did you know that spending time with pets can lower blood pressure and help you feel calm? That’s why dogs are often used for emotional support or to help in a stressful environment. Your pet doesn’t have to be a therapy dog to be beneficial; just petting a companion animal can help lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Pets provide mental stimulation. In order to stay sharp, seniors have to exercise their minds. While there are certainly other ways to do that in an adult active living community, caring for a pet is a great way to keep your mind working and ward off dementia symptoms.
  • Socialization is easier with a pet. Even surrounded by peers, seniors can sometimes feel alone. It’s often hard to approach new people and forge new relationships. Having a furry friend, though, attracts attention and invites conversation. Dogs in particular are a great device for facilitating introductions. What’s better than bonding over a shared love of animals?

When you’re shopping around for luxury apartments in an active adult communities, consider Larkspur at Shadow Creek. A family-owned and managed 55 plus community, we offer resort-style active living apartments in Pearland, Texas where pets are welcome, whether they’re in the apartment or out in our beautiful dog park. We give our residents the chance to transition from the responsibilities and burdens of home ownership to a lifestyle of convenience and luxury, full of new friends, new activities, and new adventures. To learn more about life at Larkspur at Shadow Creek, call 832-376-8414, or contact us through our website.

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