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Happy Family and friends at Christmas dinner

Creative Ways for Active Adults to Stay Connected to Family and Friends

Though the holiday season is behind us now, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the company of family and friends. But with the ongoing COVID pandemic, gatherings of any sort certainly look different. Priority number one for 2020 was keeping you, your children, your grandchildren, and the friends and family you hold most dear safe and healthy, and this likely won’t be changing any time soon in 2021.

As you recover from another holiday season in your Pearland apartment or cottage, don’t forget that you and the people you love the most can still be together, even if you’re doing it from the comfort of your luxury condo. Active adult living at Larkspur at Shadow Creek doesn’t need to be limited by geography. Our new COVID world has actually given us an amazing opportunity to connect creatively with friends and family far and wide!

The painful reality is that any traditional gatherings – dinner parties, lunch dates, happy hours – are still off the table for the foreseeable future. Too many people packed into an indoor space (baby, it’s cold outside!) could be too perfect a recipe for a COVID-19 outbreak. Instead, let’s explore some ideas for how to gather during this extraordinary season. The coronavirus has to end one of these days, right? Before it’s gone, let’s seize the opportunity to continue making memories while staying safe.

Do you feel safest in your home? Here are some activities that will bring the whole family together in front of the computer screen for memorable fun.

Whole-Home Scavenger Hunt

Lace up your running shoes! Send the whole family an invitation to join you on Zoom, Facetime, or Google Meet for a family scavenger hunt. Set a date and time and be sure to prepare your scavenger hunt list. Don’t send it out with the invitation, though. You want your happy hunters to be in for a real surprise. Make sure the list includes a variety of items found in any house like a candle, a DVD, a piece of bread, or a dog toy. Let your participants know, too, that they can be creative. You’re the judge and jury for this household hunt, so you get to tally the scores once each scavenger returns with items from their hunt. Name the victor (winner gets a hug from Grandma…next year!), toast to them, and enjoy some laughs together before you sign off. Ready, set, go!

Family Talent Show

Let’s make sure those grandkids don’t sit idle! Gather together for a rocking, rollicking family talent show! Every person in your family should sit down in front of the computer with a talent ready to share. As the master of ceremonies, you get to say who performs next. Make a list to draw from or put names in a hat and draw performers at random. On each person’s turn, they have four minutes to share a song, dance, joke, or other creative talent that will make this particular family gathering extra memorable. Let’s make sure those active adults in your and your family members’ homes are included too – Aunt Charlene definitely has a few tricks up her sleeve. The whole family can vote on a winner.

Maybe you and your family are on month 10 of at-home quarantine (but who’s counting!), or maybe your COVID bubble has agreed to safely gather this year. If you’re able to host a small, COVID-safe gathering in your luxury cottage, apartment, or condo, here are two more ideas to keep you safe and connected.

Face Mask Competition

Face masks, together with other safe practices like frequent hand-washing and social distancing, are proven effective at keeping us healthy in this pandemic. Since it’s safest to wear a mask while you gather this year, why not dress it up? No matter what the occasion, tell every guest to come bearing their most decadent face covering. You could even take it one step further by choosing a theme for the night that the masks need to follow! In addition to being crazy creative, every mask should be appropriate for safe use in the pandemic. Guests can dress up their cloth or surgical mask with sparkles, stickers, bangles, jewels…and more! Let your creativity loose and make sure everyone casts a vote for their favorite mask before the night is through.

Get Some Fresh Air

Nestled among the Pearland, TX master-planned, lake-themed community of Shadow Creek Ranch, your luxury apartment or luxury condo at Larkspur at Shadow Creek is part of a veritable natural landscape replete with wetlands, walking paths, and pavilions. Lace-up and take to the streets to get moving. You and your guests could even choose a destination and bring folding chairs and drinks. Once you walk to your planned spot, pull up a seat, start sipping, and enjoy sharing stories, reminiscing, and laughing.

No matter what creative ways you come up with to stay connected with your loved ones, Larkspur at Shadow Creek offer endless opportunities for fun, both virtually and in person at our Pearland apartments. If you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life, contact us online today, or give us a call at 346-512-2182. Come Live Well with us.

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