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A smiling senior couple moving into a new home after downsizing

Moving into an Active Adult Living Community in Pearland, Texas Makes It All Worth It!

When you no longer need a large house with several bedrooms and bathrooms and a yard, giving up some of that space in exchange for freedom from the responsibility of taking care of a home feels like a reward for all the hard work you put in over the years! Don’t think of it as downsizing. Think of it as right-sizing!

While the process of right-sizing may feel stressful and overwhelming, following a few easy steps can simplify it for you. You’ll be enjoying life in a 55+ active adult apartment community in no time!

Determine Your Goals for Downsizing and Identify Your Limitations

What are your goals for living in an active adult community? Is it simply not having to perform home maintenance? Do you need special amenities or accommodations? What location is ideal for you? What size apartment or luxury cottage do you need to feel comfortable in your new home?

Consider, too, whether you can easily access your medical care team, what shopping or grocery stores are available nearby, and whether your new community is easily accessible from other areas of the city or region.

Using this information, create a wishlist of apartment and community features. Then, prioritize them from most important to least important. For example, perhaps you need an apartment community near lots of amenities, need a unit with at least 850 square feet, and desire opportunities for fitness and recreation. You can use this list to help you find communities you’d like to tour.

Locate Your New One-Bedroom Apartment or Two-Bedroom Apartment in Pearland, Texas

Now that you’ve identified what you’re looking for in a 55+ apartment community, you should begin your search. Start by looking at apartments that check all the boxes on your list. For example, if your wish list contained the very same items as our example list above, you might adore living in a 55+ active adult living community like Larkspur at Shadow Creek, near Houston.

Not only can you gather information about apartment communities like Larkspur at Shadow Creek by searching online, but you also should visit in person for a tour of the community and to see available apartments in person. Doing so will give you a better idea of what living there is actually like.

Before visiting, compile a list of questions you have about moving in, lease terms, community life, and more. This will make it easier for you to gather enough information to make an informed decision about which apartment community you’d like to live in for the second chapter of your life.

Sell Your Current Home

When you find an active adult community you’d love to live in, it’s time to sell your house so that you can make a quick and easy transition to your new home.

Most people who sell their homes work with a real estate agent to list and show the property. Others opt to try the for-sale-by-owner method, which requires significantly more time and legwork from the homeowner. Whichever method you choose, finding a buyer for your home frees you from home maintenance and yard work!

Most home sales today close between 30 and 60 days after an offer is accepted, but it can vary depending on the terms you and your buyer agree to. Use this as a guideline for determining when, exactly, you can move into your new luxury apartment home.

Ask for Help When You Need It

Any relocation requires lots of work and energy to complete, and you might find yourself emotionally and physically exhausted after just a few days of preparing to move. Reach out to relatives and friends to assist you in the process. Having company as you pack, or getting help hauling unwanted items to the local thrift store or into a dumpster can help you finish the process more quickly and smoothly.

Sort and Pack Your Belongings, Separating Items for Donations, Selling, and Keeping

One of the most difficult aspects of downsizing your home is deciding what you’ll take with you to your new 55+ apartment, and finding a way to separate those items from the ones you will be giving away or selling.

A good rule of thumb is if it doesn’t have significant meaning to you, and if you haven’t used it in the last six months to a year, you will likely be fine with not taking it with you. This is an ideal way to scale back kitchen items, clothing, games, and hobby supplies. Items of value, such as yard care equipment, collectibles, and quality furniture, can be sold to help pay for relocation costs, like a moving crew and van. List these valuable items online for sale, perhaps with the help of an internet-savvy friend or family member. Coordinate pick-ups in public places for safety, and always take someone along with you.

As you pack, keep in mind your goals for moving into a beautiful new apartment home in Pearland, Texas. This will make it easier for you to part with items. You also don’t need to pack up your possessions all at once! Take plenty of breaks and decompress; packing up your home is an emotional process.

Visit Larkspur at Shadow Creek, an All-Inclusive 55+ Living Community

When you’re ready to free yourself from homeownership and join a community full of people with the same interests as you, put Larkspur at Shadow Creek in Pearland, Texas, at the top of your list. With more than 18,000 square feet of amenities, including a pool, art studio, pickleball, and bocce ball courts, and a place to gather for social events, and located near the planned community of Shadow Creek, you’ll have everything you’ve ever wanted or needed nearby.

Schedule a tour today by calling us at 346-512-2182.

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