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How do I move my cat from a large house to an apartment

Are you about to move from a house to an apartment? Maybe you’re ready to experience retirement living in an adult active living community, or maybe you’ve just decided that it’s time to downsize. While moving can be a good thing, it’s definitely stressful for all involved. For a cat, it can be not just stressful but also confusing. How can you successfully transition your pet from a large house to an apartment? We’ve got some suggestions to help your move go smoothly.

  • Before your move, try to keep things as normal as you can for your cat. Some cats, particularly those who are anxious, may benefit from becoming familiar with the cardboard boxes before you start packing. When you do begin packing, try keeping your cats in one familiar room that can be packed last. On moving day, keep the cat in a quiet room with the door shut, at a friend’s house, or in a room at the new apartment.
  • Get a room ready in the new apartment. A spare room or bathroom that’s away from the main flow of the house is ideal, because it gives kitty a small space to explore at first. The room should have places to hide, a snug place to relax, items that are already familiar and comfortable, food, water, a litter box, and some toys. Having this room prepared ahead of time will make the transition to the new place easier on your cat. Be aware that it may take a while for your cat to feel safe and comfortable in an unfamiliar home.
  • Be safe when transporting your cat. Get a good pet carrier with plenty of room for your cat, and bring it home well before the move. Leave it sitting around the house in a place your cat frequents, to allow the cat the opportunity to get familiar with it. When you move your cat to the new apartment, put soft bedding in the carrier and place it in the car in a way that prevents it from moving around. Don’t make any stops along the way if you can help it, and keep the inside of the car pleasantly cool but not cold.
  • Help your cat to settle into your new home. While your pet is adjusting to the new apartment, living in the room you’ve prepared, try to keep the feeding, playing, and cleaning routine as normal as possible. Spend as much time as you can with your kitty, playing and cuddling until he or she feels safe. Once the cat seems comfortable in the new room, you can open the door and allow for some exploration. Make sure you’re paying attention as your cat explores, carefully securing doors and windows and being mindful of things that could be hazardous.

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