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Active seniors on a walk in autumn forest

Find a New Luxury Apartment in Pearland, Texas

As a person who is 55+ and nearing retirement, you may start to ask yourself how you can start working less and enjoying life more. The tasks required to maintain a home—whether that be yardwork, fixing appliances, or replacing old siding— eat up a lot of time and can almost feel like a second job. Most people prefer to be spending their day playing golf or tennis instead of mowing the lawn. So, if you’re at a point where you’re looking to downsize and weighing what your options are, then it’s time to ask yourself, “Is an active adult community right for me?”

What Is An Active Adult Community?

First thing’s first, an active adult community is not the same as a retirement home or a continuing care retirement community. Far from it. Active adult living is ideal for those who wish to retain the benefits of living independently in a private residence without the hassle of doing the upkeep. All the landscaping and maintenance are taken care of by someone else, so you can finally enjoy your free time again.

The other defining characteristic of an active adult community is that you’ll be in the company of people like yourself (55+ adults) who are also passionate about getting the most out of their leisure time. This could mean going on a group hike at Shadow Creek Ranch Nature Trail or letting your inner artist thrive in an outdoor painting class. The “active” portion of active adult living is key, because it means you still wish to engage in things that keep you busy, stimulated, and challenged. The 55+ active adult open to trying new things is the kind of social butterfly that enjoys going to happy hours, group dinners, and game night.

What Are the Benefits of An Active Adult Community?

Not all active adult apartments are created equal, but the core benefits remain fairly consistent. Remember, an active adult community isn’t just a simple change in housing. It’s also a change in lifestyle aimed at improving your quality of life, simplifying your financial obligations, and providing the opportunity to engage in an assortment of activities that are readily available.

Simplified, Stress-Free Modern Living

For many 55+ adults, their houses are where they raised their children, hosted the holidays, and threw several summer bar-b-ques in the backyard. Homes are where memories are made, but as families grow and situations change, maintaining a home built for five or more people might become impractical and burdensome—especially from a financial standpoint.

This is what makes active adult communities such an attractive option for those looking to downsize. First, it allows you to choose a residence that’s the right size for your current needs. Perhaps you only need a one bedroom with only the bare essentials. Or, maybe you require something a bit larger with an at-home office, storage space, and two-car garage. The beauty of transitioning from a home to a 55+ apartment is you get to properly redefine your housing needs. So you’re not necessarily downsizing—you’re right-sizing.

This also gives you a chance to simplify your finances and cut down on weekly chores. It’s all conveniently consolidated. Finally, as we’ve touched on previously, all the upkeep is going to be handled by the community’s maintenance team. This means no more landscaping, painting, or in-home repair. You can carry on with your day worry-free knowing it’s taken care of by a team of professionals.

Like-Minded Neighbors and Friends

You may still be wondering, “Is an active adult community right for me?” Well, here’s another question you should ask: how would you feel knowing that your closest friends and neighbors are people in your age range with the same zest for life that you have?

The community portion is what makes an active adult community tick. It’s why everyone gets excited in the morning, knowing they’ll be socializing, sharing stories, and embarking upon new adventures with other adults at a similar point in life who value companionship. Residents start out as neighbors, but before you know it, they become some of your closest friends that you spend your most memorable days with.

No Shortage of Activities to Do

Activities are an absolute must and the cornerstone of any active adult community. When considering your options, you should not only be asking yourself where you want to live but more importantly, what do you want to do?

Are you an athletic type? Then you’ll probably want to choose a location that has access to golf, on-site tennis courts, or offers classes like yoga or water aerobics. Physical movement and healthy competition are great ways to stay sharp.

Maybe you’re more interested in the social aspect. In this case, you’ll likely lean more toward events like wine tastings, volunteer opportunities, or Sunday worship services. For the intellectual type, book clubs or adult learning classes led by local educators might be your cup of tea. Or, if you simply want to relax, you can grab a lounge chair by the pool and let the day slip away under the sun.

A great active adult community will provide several different options of entertainment and leisure to their residents. Be conscious of this when doing your research.

What Are the Next Steps?

If the lifestyle and financial simplification of living in an active adult community sounds like it’s right for you, it’s time to take the first official step and see what your options are. Consider your budget, the features and amenities you’re looking for in a residence, and the selection of activities you’d like to have available to you in your new community.

For those living in or around the Pearland, Sugar Land, or Houston area of Texas, check out Larkspur at Shadow Creek. Not only does this community have several different floorplans of some of the finest private luxury apartments and cottages in the area, but they also offer a highly diverse list of activities, programs, and amenities for their residents to enjoy.

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