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Spring Activities for Seniors

The weather is beautiful- what will you do outside today? Did you know that going outside is good for both your physical and mental health? While going outside in winter can be tricky, the warmer months are perfect for outdoor outings, and sunlight is very beneficial. One of the perks of retirement living is the opportunity to get outside any day of the week, so make the most of it! Here are some suggestions, in case you need ideas.

  • Head to a wheelchair accessible trail. It doesn’t matter if you need a wheelchair, this kind of trail will be wide and smoothly paved, so you won’t have to worry about tripping on roots and rocks or stumbling on uneven pavement.
  • Go cloud-watching. Even on a cloudy day, there are benefits to being outside in nature. Cloud-watching is relaxing and peaceful, especially if you combine it with deep breathing for a meditative experience.
  • Stargazing can be exciting. Pay attention to the dates of meteor showers and other astrological events to make it more interesting.
  • Play a game while you walk. Take the grandkids out for some family Pokémon Go or go Geocaching. It’s a fun bonding experience with the benefits of walking outside.
  • Hang out by a birdfeeder. You don’t have to go to the woods to go bird watching. Instead hang a bird feeder outside of your home where you can sit and watch the birds enjoy their treats. See how many you can identify!
  • Head to the Farmer’s Market. This is a great activity because you get to shop for healthy seasonal fruits and vegetables while you people watch and soak in some vitamin D. There may even be live music or other entertainment that you can enjoy without buying anything.
  • Get out in the garden. If you don’t have access to a plot of land, start with a container garden! Gardening is a rewarding activity that doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun.
  • Go for a picnic. You have to eat, so why not do it outdoors? If you live in senior living apartments, invite some of your neighbors to picnic with you on the grounds.
  • Take some photos. Now that we have smartphones with built-in cameras, it’s easy to be a photographer. Nature provides ample subject matter and taking photos helps you feel connected to the world around you.
  • Find an outdoor volunteer activity. Many active adult communities keep a record of volunteer opportunities available to their residents. If you live in this kind of community, ask about openings for volunteers in a community garden, nature center, or botanical garden. If you don’t, see what you can find through Volunteer Match.
  • Check out some local farms. Agritourism is becoming a popular activity, with many local farms offering tours or activities like fruit picking, cider-making, farm-to-table dinners, or goat yoga.

Living in an active adult community affords you many opportunities for outings and outdoor fun, all year long. When you’re ready to find a luxury apartment in an adult active living community, consider Larkspur at Shadow Creek. A family-owned and managed 55 plus community, we offer resort-style active living apartments in Pearland, Texas. We give our residents the chance to transition from the responsibilities and burdens of home ownership to a lifestyle of convenience and luxury, full of new friends, new activities, and new adventures. To learn more about life at Larkspur at Shadow Creek, call 832-376-8414, or contact us through our website.

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