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Healthy Benefits of Social Connection by Larkspur at Shadow Creek

People are living longer these days, and can stay healthy far into their later years, thanks to advances in science, medicine, and nutrition. More and more, though, research is indicating that social connection is an important part of the life of a healthy senior. While healthy food, good medical care, and regular exercise are significant aspects of aging well, maintaining connections with other people is vital for seniors’ physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing, self-esteem and empathy, and even the immune system.

Even though this is understood, however, many seniors still find it difficult to build and maintain connections. Isolation and loneliness are a growing problem for older people, with one in four considered to be isolated even before COVID-19 made social distancing a necessity. Seniors who have left their jobs or careers miss the daily interactions with others and those who have lost a spouse often feel lonely and isolated. Further, many seniors live far from friends and family, and they often have health conditions or mobility challenges that impede their ability to make meaningful connections.

Living in an active adult community can be helpful in promoting social connections for seniors. When older people live in a community of people around their age, they can find an easy camaraderie that makes for fast friendships. What’s more, senior communities offer amenities like exercise facilities, outings, transportation, enrichment activities, and entertainment. Living in that kind of community makes it easy for older people to keep their minds and bodies active and engaged, and to find like-minded individuals with whom to interact.

At Larkspur at Shadow Creek, we provide a community where older adults can make friends, pursue their interests, and have new adventures. After years of responsibility, seniors in our community can enjoy a lifestyle of convenience and luxury, where connections come easily, and opportunities abound. We’ve got programs, activities, and amenities onsite, including a fitness center, dog park, walking and biking trails, pickle ball and bocce, a movie theater, a pub, and much more. We also provide our residents with cultural, volunteer, and social outings in the greater Houston area. There’s always something to do and, more importantly, plenty of opportunities for deep and meaningful social connection.

When you’re ready to find an active adult living community, consider Larkspur at Shadow Creek. A family-owned and managed 55 plus community, we offer resort-style apartments in Pearland, Texas, with an emphasis on active living. We give our residents the chance to transition from the responsibilities and burdens of home ownership to a lifestyle of convenience and luxury, full of new friends, new activities, and new adventures. To learn more about life at Larkspur at Shadow Creek, call 832-376-8414, or contact us through our website.

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