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A furnished 55+ apartment at Larkspur at Shadow Creeks in Pearland, TX
Decorate Your New Rental Home to Make It Your Own!

Just because you don’t own your new active adult apartment doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up to match your personality and preferences! The exterior of our luxury apartment homes and private cottages at Larkspur at Shadow Creek is craftsman-style, but inside, we’ve made sure the finishes match any furniture and decor style you may like.

Our hardwood-look floors, quartz countertops, and high ceilings complement mid-century modern, contemporary, transitional, or vintage furniture, so no need to go out and buy all-new pieces for every room (unless you want to). As you prepare to settle on furniture for your new abode during the second, awesome chapter of your life, here are a few tips we think might be helpful!

Bedroom Furniture for Your 55+ Apartment

All the bedrooms in every apartment or private cottage home are spacious enough to accommodate the bed of your choice in any size, from twin up to king! You’ll also want to bring along a night stand to hold your glasses, cell phone, lamp, glass of water, and favorite book as you settle into bed every night.

Because all our apartment homes include massive walk-in closets, you may not need much bureau or dresser space. However, if you prefer to fold some of your clothes, know that your new bedroom will fit a chest of drawers quite nicely.

Dining Tables and Chairs in Your Luxury Home

Most of the apartments and cottages at Larkspur at Shadow Creek include a kitchen island suited for sitting and dining, so you won’t need your own dining table and chairs. You will, however, need counter-height stools to use your island as a breakfast bar or dinner table.

Leave your microwave cart behind or sell it in a tag sale; you won’t need it here! All your kitchen appliances are included with your apartment, even the microwave, so there are fewer heavy and bulky items you’ll need to pack and move when you join our active adult community.

Office or Den Furniture You May Consider

If you’re renting a one-bedroom apartment with a den, or a two-bedroom apartment with the intention of using the second room as a workspace, you might like having your own desk and comfortable chair, plus bookshelves or a small credenza to accommodate your files and printer.

If you are using both your bedrooms for sleeping, rest assured there is space in your living room for a small desk to serve as your work area for paying bills, video chatting with friends and family, or taking care of other business matters.

Bathroom Storage in Our Luxury Apartments

Our thoughtfully-designed Houston-area 55+ apartments include more than enough storage, even for your bathroom linens and other necessities. However, if you want additional storage, your large bathroom will likely accommodate a small cabinet along one wall. If not, our residents are free to wall-mount an additional medicine cabinet or shelving for storage. Make your apartment your own!

Patio Furniture for Active Adult Communities

Even though we have more than 18,000 square feet of amenities in our community, you may find that on some mornings or afternoons, you prefer the solitude of your patio or balcony, where you can sit and sip a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the beautiful Texas weather.

Each of our apartment homes and cottages include a spacious balcony or patio, so you will have plenty of room for a small chat set or dining set, along with a few gorgeous potted plants to dress it up. Make sure you bring along an extra deck chair in case a new friend stops by to visit!

Your Very Own Washer and Dryer

Not every active adult community includes connections for washers and dryers in their apartment homes. The team at Larkspur at Shadow Creek, however, knows that having your own place to do laundry isn’t optional; it’s a necessity! After all, no one really enjoys carrying their laundry to a community laundry facility.

Each of our apartment homes and private cottages are equipped with full-size, washer and electric dryer hookups in a dedicated laundry area. Bring your own machines, or rent some from us!

A Packing Checklist for Your 55+ Apartment near Houston, Texas

To make it easy for you to prepare to move into your new haven, here’s a checklist of household goods and furniture you might want to have in your new apartment. You likely own some of these items, in perfectly good condition, in your current home, so bring them along with you instead of donating them or discarding them.

Furnishings and Appliances

  •  Sofa, recliner, loveseat, upholstered chair, or other living room seating in any combination
  •  Coffee table and/or end tables
  •  Console table
  •  TV or media stand
  •  Bookcase
  •  Counter-height stools for your kitchen island, or a bistro table and chairs for the Tea Berry floorplan
  •  Beds for each bedroom
  •  Nightstand for each apartment inhabitant
  •  Bureau or dresser for your clothes
  •  Desk and office chair
  •  Patio furniture
  •  Small cabinet or other bathroom storage (if needed)

Kitchen Necessities

  •  Table settings (dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, cups, knives, forks, spoons)
  •  Set of drinking glasses
  •  Coffee mugs and/or tea cups and saucers
  •  Food storage containers
  •  Pots and pans
  •  Crock pot, instapot, or other preferred cooker
  •  Toaster or toaster oven
  •  Coffee pot
  •  Blender
  •  Hand or stand mixer
  •  Electric can opener
  •  Cutting boards (separate ones for meat and fruits/veggies)
  •  Knife set
  •  Mixing bowls
  •  Serving bowls
  •  Cookie sheets and other baking pans
  •  Baking dishes
  •  Cooking utensils, such as slotted spoons, spatula, spaghetti fork, tongs, and more
  •  Hot pads, oven mitts, and trivets

Fabrics and Linens

  •  Hand towels
  •  Bath towels or bath sheets
  •  Wash cloths
  •  Bath mats or rugs
  •  Curtains (your apartment comes equipped with custom faux wood blinds)
  •  Bedding for each bedroom
  •  Living room area rug
  •  Dish towels
  •  Dish cloths
  •  Placemats

Other Convenient Items

  •  Computer and printer
  •  Outdoor folding chair to take along to activities
  •  Small soft-sided cooler or picnic basket
  •  Sports equipment for your favorite activities (pickleball racket, swimming gear, etc.)
  •  Landline telephone
  •  Stationery and basic office supplies
  •  Equipment for your hobbies or other special interests
  •  Anything else you own and want to bring with you!
Take a Tour and Sign a Lease at Larkspur at Shadow Creek in Pearland, Texas

Just 15 miles outside of Houston, our luxury active adult living community awaits you! For a personal tour of our grounds and apartment and cottage homes for rent, call us at 346-512-2182 or contact us online to learn more.

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